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[[I’m so bored!!]]

[[Hit Mido and Pan with these if you wish. Anything to keep my mind distracted.]]

[i already know where this is going ohohohohoho KARU-CHAAANNN]

(( LOL DO IT))

Not that I’ve been around long, but please…I am curious.

Send me a ► if you’d kiss me.
How are things?

Things are going well! Very well.

What happened to your ears in the the Oracles games? They're all... round.

Oracle “Games”? You say…Where…Oh. That place.

Why all the concern over my ears? Are they not just ears?

Tumblrbot asked me what gets me out of a bad mood.

Seems that I’ve stumbled into the same place as you, haven’t I? Ah well, looks like I’ll set up shop here. So, come “internet”, and peruse my shop. Perhaps you want a mask? Masks bring you happiness! 

…If you don’t…I suppose I can answer certain questions and things like that. After all, a shop owner must know his wares, and even more so himself! Heh heh, please, ask away…